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Granels i Volquets is a transport agency which was founded in 2001 by 6 partners who between them have over 25 years experience in the sector of loose-loaded freight

Gra-vol is located in the region of Bages between the two potash mines in Sallent and Súria, so we are in a geographically advantageous position and well connected by the road network. We are next to the C-25 and the E-9 (C-16/C-58).

From 2002 onwards more collaborators have joined our company and work with us on a permanent basis. When we have a lot of work we subcontract a part of our services to other companies, both national and international.

We currently have a large fleet of vehicles which allows us to react quickly to the needs of our customers, not only local but national and international



Gravol Potash Potassium chloride 60%

- Standard 60% K20: Used in production of fertilizer
- Granular 60% K20: Used in agriculture
GraVol Potash

Gravol Steel Profiles, laminates, rods etc used by the construction sector and metal industries
GraVol Steel
Gravol Salt - Industrial salt: used in chemical industry
- Road salt: used for road maintenance in winter.
GraVol Salt

Gravol scrap metal All kinds of scrap metal (swarf, 33, 50, DI, baled cars used mainly by national foundries)
GraVol scrap metal

Gravol Cereals - Maize, oats, barley, sorghum, oilseed rape etc used in animal feed.
- Wheat, rice, rye etc used in manufacture of products for human consumption.
GraVol Cereals

Gravol Others - Slag from ironworking, metals, soil, rubber, glass, carbon etc.
GraVol Others

At the moment our main routes are between

and Italy